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A womans bag … How many different jokes she generates! Men laugh at us, women, because of the love of bags. They will never understand what a vince camuto handbags nordstrom means to us. Men ask: Why does a woman need a bag, vince camuto handbags nordstrom?


Each girl in the vince camuto handbags nordstrom always has a mini cosmetics (to always be able to fix makeup), a notebook (popularly called a sclerotized), candy, chewing gum, discount cards, hand cream, wet napkins and many more … And every decent girl always has a condom and gaskets in the bag, vince camuto handbags nordstrom. Of course, where men understand us. That is why they came up with an anecdote about the fact that a woman in a bag has everything except order.

Chaos in a vince camuto handbags nordstrom

Honestly, there is chaos in the ladies bags. To catch in this abyss the desired object, it is necessary to arrange excavations. Approximately half of women prefer to do this by touch, without looking into the vince camuto handbags nordstrom. The bores have calculated that on digging in a bag a woman takes an average of 76 days of her life. Every tenth lady thinks that her vince camuto handbags nordstrom is too heavy. The average weight of a handbag is just over two and a half kilograms, but instances of up to five kilos and even more are also common.